Do you want to be the leader who inspires others?
Do you want to contribute to society in a very powerful and positive way?
Do you want to create the extraordinary?

It's my mission to link your professional life with your purpose in life because that's where the magic happens in becoming an inspiring leader. When you add love, source, destiny, purpose, serving, gut feeling or whatever you call it, in the mix... you will create the extraordinary as a result.

I love working with energetic people who believe and feel they have a purpose, a mission in life and are ready to step up and live it. Creating massive impact, contributing to a higher cause with their services or products and at the same time getting back control over their work/life balance.

Executives who dare to say: money is not a goal, not just something to keep shareholders satisfied. Who rather believe: money is a result of inspired action, a result of the powerful and positive contribution their services or products offer to people, society or even the world. Because that's what people love to be associated with, that's what they want to work for.

Coaches who know the positive effects they have on people's lives and creating ripples effects in society as a result. Who know they can only do so in their best possible ways if their own 'shit' is taken are of in a proper, steady way. Who choose to create a flourishing coaching business and want guidance in doing so. Because coaches are humans. And coaching is not marketing.

Do you know someone who fits this description? Or maybe this resonates with you?

I invite you or them to apply for a free 2 hour powerful coaching conversation to uncover your realm of inspirational leadership. You can do so to mail to and you'll receive the details in your inbox first.

I love to talk to you soon!

With love,