Coaching Game Changers
Leading Great Coaches

Hej, my name is Elsbeth van Lienden.

I am an expert in straight-line co-creating with game changers and great coaches looking to turn their vision into reality and beyond in a powerful way.

My clients are men and women who love to be in action. They are committed and choose to be responsible for their lives. They are willing to do the necessary work to achieve results. They don't need coaching. They want coaching because they choose to powerfully get rid of limiting beliefs which stands in the way of extraordinary results.

You are powerful and you have a great vision to disrupt the status quo in your company, community, city, country or even the world. Or you are ready to uncover that vision ánd make it happen. You are driven by something that is bigger than yourself. You dare to be bold  and different.

I am the founder of The Pink Walnut, a community where game changers and great coaches are lead towards their ultimate achievements in life. With coaching and mentor services that change the way you see and act in your world. And in doing so you create different results than you have so far.

Also, The Pink Walnut is a bureau where powerful and lasting connections are made amongst all of her clients, coaches, liaisons, game changers and contributors. Feel free to connect in one of the below ways to be part of this extraordinary tribe of powerful humans.

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Or send an email with all your questions on coaching, game changers, building business, inspiring leadership or creating your vision. Or ask for a 'get to know each other' call (30 mins) or a powerful sample coaching conversation with me personally (2 hours call).

Your life will be a powerful example
of what's possible for a human being to do.